Sunday, January 06, 2008

Building A Blank Bible for My Dad

Before Christmas this year, I was talking to my dad about a Bible he was looking for: a wide-margin Authorized Version Scofield Reference Bible with updated wording. I searched for hours, scouring eBay and Amazon and hundreds of websites in between. I found some used copies, and I found some really expensive new ones, but nothing I could settle on. So I decided to make him a Blank Bible like Tony Reinke and Stephen Newell have both documented.

I started this adventure at the SBTS campus LifeWay book store where I picked up an ESV large-print pew Bible. I found it during the ETS sale, so the price was excellent!

Next, time to remove the binding. I feel like a heretic!

Brandon can't believe I cut up God's Word!

After I removed the binding, I set out for the nearest Staples. They used a laser to cut the paper! The cuts were nice and crisp, but the way they clamped down the block of paper caused the pages to be cut unevenly. Some of the pages were cut a bit too close to the words, but thankfully the holes didn't encroach so much on the text that it was unreadable.

Brandon was happy to come to Staples with Daddy and help (i.e., play on his Leapster).

Here's my stack of pages on the right, blank pages above, working stack in the middle, and finished stack on the left:

Whew! I finally finished stuffing the blank pages after a few hours...

Now it's time to decide where to separate the volumes. Since Staples only had 1" spiral binders, I ended up with eight volumes.

After several hours of work, I was very pleased to present this blank Bible to my father for Christmas. Now it's his turn to work on it! I expect it to be full when I get it back in twenty or thirty years! :-)


Terry Delaney said...

A Yankees hat? That is the only heresy I see!

Anyway, have you thought of making one for yourself? Unfortunately, I have not yet marked in mine because I do not know where to begin. It is almost as though I don't want to desecrate it with stupid thoughts (don't say stupid, daddy!).

S. Todd Young said...

Believe me, he wouldn't be wearing that hat if he hadn't played on the Yankee's t-ball team. Seriously.

I am torn about making one for myself. I'm not sure I would use it very much at this point in my life. I'm biased to the keyboard, and I don't know if a blank Bible would be the best fit for me at this time...

Stephen Newell said...

Fantastic job brother! I didn't know Staples used lasers. That's fascinating. But uneven cuts are, in this kind of project, the work of Satan. ;-)

I find that I tend to use my blank Bible more for devotional purposes than study, but that's probably because I haven't yet gotten over "study" in the seminary way; that is, find the books that explain it to you instead of working it out on your own.

S. Todd Young said...

Stephen! Thanks for the input! I never would have thought of this without your "Chronicles" post.

Roger Van Fleet said...

Very nice Todd. This will be a great spiritual heirloom for your children to read/study one day!

Kara said...

Hey your famous, sort of! I saw this one cool huh!

S. Todd Young said...

Yeah, it is cool! Crazy, too! I've had like 3 times the normal number of visitors to my site over the last couple of days! Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Charles E. Whisnant said...

A loose leaf bible, in which you can have blank paper where ever you want. My father had one fifty years ago. The one I have is over forty years old, and 100's of pages of notes.

Every Bible I have, has marking in every pages from Genesis to Revelation.

To have a Bible and not mark in it is not Biblical. Really.

I have a bible that has a blank page every other page. 100 of sermon outlines, and notes from verses in the text.


Brandogrey said...

I'm currently planning out how to make a Bible which contains the name of God (Yahweh) instead of the traditional phrase "The LORD". Green's Literal Version is a great version which, in my opinion, is as good or better than the NASV. I have it loaded onto my E-Sword computer program. It uses "Jehovah" instead of "The LORD", so all I need to do is copy and paste this version onto Microsoft Word and replace the word "Jehovah" with "Yahweh". I intend to include maps, study charts and blank pages at my choosing and put it all in a big ole 3 ring binder. My only real challenge is figuring out how to include cross-reference verses without turning this into a year-long project. (Jer. 23:27,16:21,Ezek. 36:22, John 17:6,26)

Brian Hinson said...

Wow. This is seriously awesome. Great job! Have you seen The Writer's Bible
I can truly appreciate the work you put into your Father's Bible.

Todd Young said...

Thanks Brian! I have seen Journibles, which aid you in writing (and thus helping you remember) different books or sections of the Bible, but I have not seen the Writer's Bible. I would have considered buying a complete Bible like this (depending on the cost!) if one had existed, but I couldn't find anything like this at the time. Thanks for commenting!