Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Science vs. Myth

Photo by Oleg Sayakov
I have been skipping lunch. For a while. Guess what! I have lost about 20 lbs. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Come on... I've heard it a hundred times, or less.

"That's not healthy!"

I always counter with, "Neither is being overweight!"

So I had to share this study about Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe.

I'm not saying that I shouldn't eat 5 smaller meals a day, but I am saying I question the "science" that gets tossed around all the time. How do we know the things we hear are science or myth?

Apparently, you're wasting a lot of that 64 ounces of water you drink. Literally.


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Mary said...

Dancing for so many years taught me a lot about nutrition, though I always had self-debates trying to convince myself that skipping a meal would be the best option to either lose or maintain weight. It wasn't until *after* I stopped dancing when I read a book called Diet for Dancers that I learned about how skipping meals can be detrimental. It slows down your metabolism for one. While for a while you might see some weight loss, the body starts to recognize it as a mode of starvation and begins to store calories as fat in order to preserve itself (especially if it was a sudden change in diet to a lower calorie one)...and fat burning is much more difficult than muscle toning...you can lose the muscle and gain the fat, not knowing the difference except for the actual tone of your body. Second, it can actually cause you to eat more during other meals...you may or may not feel hungrier, but your body will subconsciously want to eat more or at least eat foods with higher caloric intake to try and "make up" for it.

Of course I know all this, knew it for years, and still I do poorly with it...still going on with that "self debate", even though I did so well when I was actually eating right. Working two jobs, especially in retail, doesn't give me the opportunity to eat 4-6 small meals, but I have been trying to make sure I have 3 meals (even if breakfast is as simple as yogurt or an orange) and carry around small snacks like a granola bar in my bag (so even if I can't do a meal, I have *something* in my stomach). And it's rarely anything other than water for me with at most a lemon slice.

I never bought into the 8 glasses of water thing...I mean I always carry water with me, but that's because my mouth is usually so dry...I don't drink enough of it to fulfill the myth of 64 ounces unless I'm doing enough activity that warrants it.

Yikes, there goes my novel again...but funny you should post this just as I was self debating today....