Monday, September 29, 2008

More on the Alcohol Discussion

Photo by sling@flickr
I just found a good discussion (from this page) between Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Russell Moore on the subject of beverage alcohol. This discussion presents some of the underlying reasons behind the policy of abstinence from beverage alcohol required for all students and faculty of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I'm interested in your opinion, so listen in and please comment!

~ Todd


Eric H said...

I agree with Mr. Mohler's apt description of alcohol as a snare and also that there is no prohibition of wine (only drunkenness) in Scripture except arguably for overseers (1 Tim. and Titus) depending on the interpretation of "given to". I understand abstaining from this liberty (consuming, not drunkenness) as part of being blameless and not being a stumbling block to others. I can understand how a seminary that teaches a clergy/laity division must then demand its students abstain from consuming alcohol as they are considered automatic overseers upon graduation.

Honestly, I find some of the language used in the discussion, i.e., "when we get our churches" and "my church" as offensive as had I seen them drinking wine with dinner at Olive Garden. Only Mohler corrects his speech and calls us The Church, but the other panelists are completely missing it.

Also found the waiter/waitress discussion interesting. Have pondered similar things in my profession - do you design a liquor store or not, the exorbitant "family life center" replete with racquetball courts "for the Lord", etc.

John said...

We have the same rule at Southwestern; I respect the seminary's authority. I do wonder, however, if Jesus would have been repremanded for drinking wine.