Friday, January 30, 2009

John D. Hannah on Theology

As I am reading the preface to the book, Our Legacy: The History of Christian Doctrine by John D. Hannah, this quote sticks out:
For [the English Puritans], theology was neither a mere intellectual discipline nor the attainment of a body of knowledge; it was a means to an end--a godly life. Theology, then, may be defined as the distilled knowledge of God that is the foundation of a walk with God. No one can walk with a person he or she does not know; neither can we say we walk with God if we do not have an accurate knowledge of Him. Theology is not about an admiration of a series of gathered insights, however wonderful these insights may be; it is about responding appropriately and regularly to God.

It is very tempting to simply admire "a series of gathered insights" about God, but theology is much more. It is worship.

~ Todd ~