Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doctor's Diagnosis: Ditch the Drugs

Wired Magazine published a short article about a Yale lecturer that has made a surprising diagnosis. He suggests that most people on medication for depression and other mood affecting conditions don't really need the medication. He argues that most people need some sort of talk therapy that engages "patients in actively reprogramming their own brains." He criticizes the drug industry and other organizations for claiming that normal aspects of life are disorders. "Nonsense," Barber writes, "anger, greed, laziness, impulsivity, as well as jealousy, lust, anguish, and so on, are simply part of the human predicament. They are not medical conditions."

It is a spark of sanity. Maybe a recognition that these "disorders" aren't really medical might drive people to understand they are spiritual disorders.

And there is only one cure--Jesus Christ.


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