Friday, April 18, 2008

*Together* for the Gospel 2008

I have so many things to say about this fantastic conference. Let's begin with "Together." I served with an army of volunteers from Boyce College, Southern Seminary, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Sovereign Grace Ministries, and Clifton Baptist Church, among other groups. The fellowship was gracious and warm! The conference was also filled with men I read in books and blogs. Here's a list of men I am grateful I had the opportunity to meet: Bob Kauflin, John Piper, Phil Johnson, Tim Challies, Tom Ascol, Dan Phillips, and Frank Turk. There were so many more people I would have enjoyed meeting, but I am thankful to be encouraged and to encourage those men that I did speak with.

I also met many people I didn't know. As I stood at my post as usher, I had the opportunity to speak with some from Cincinnati, some from Ohio, others from North Carolina and Illinois, and some from north of Toronto. It was a blessing to meet so many people gathered from across the world for the sake of Christ and his gospel.

Probably the best aspect of "Together" was the opportunity I had to hang out with my two good friends, Justin Guffey and Thad Noyes. (I was tempted to say, "two bloggers," but you have to actually post even rarely to be called a blogger, Justin.) My only regret was not getting to spend more time with them both at the conference, but, because of my ushering duties, my free time was limited. Thank you brothers for the fellowship! Hope you enjoyed the mango habanero wings!

I think I will stop here for now. I will try to post more thoughts on the week later.

~ Todd ~


Thad Noyes said...

Hey Todd! I was so glad to get to hang out together. Thanks for your service at the conference and your service to me.

Lord bless you, brother.


S. Todd Young said...

You are very welcome my friend! Maybe someday my family can travel out west and see you!