Monday, November 26, 2007

Baxter on Sincerity

Richard Baxter, as quoted by Stott in Between Two Worlds, writes,

"It is a palpable error in those ministers that make such disproportion between their preaching and their living, that they will study hard to preach exactly and study little or not at all to live exactly. All the week long is little enough to study how to speak two hours; and yet one hour seems too much to study how to live all the week . . . We must study as hard how to live well as how to preach well" (268).

Sanctify us, Heavenly Father, so that our lives might match our proclamation of the truth of your Word!



RC said...

Baxter was the epitome of who Packer calls, "Puritan Practical Theologians". His book The Reformed Pastor is a must read for all Christians. You can read it on-line at Great quote. I highly recommend Baxter's book, as well as, Packer's book A Quest for Godliness. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries have a good article entitled "Why You Should Read the Puritans" that is worth a look too.

May our lives betray where our treasure is...

...may our treasure be in Heaven.


S. Todd Young said...

The Reformed Pastor was required reading for one of my classes a few years ago. I remember distinctly being impressed with his pastoral care of his flock.

Thanks for commenting, RC!