Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An Illustration of Faith?

I've been thinking about how faith in Christ transforms us; the Bible teaches us that we are a new creation, yet we are now in transition. We are in the cocoon, metamorphosing into a butterfly from the caterpillar we once were. We see and taste the life to come, yet we still feel the dirt and desires from our death.

As I was driving to work, I started thinking about how God has been working in my life. I don't drive like a madman anymore. I feel terribly guilty when I'm driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, even when I'm just passing someone! And yet, when I think about the entire landscape of my life, this is a very small patch of land that has begun to sprout new, green grass. But if I were to examine every corner of my life, I would find many bare patches. And I think I probably have more bare patches than I realize.

Someday, when Jesus returns and I am transformed into a real man, one who could not even consider the thought of sinning in every area of his life, then the landscape will be lush and green, and God will look upon his new creation and smile.

Yet, he sees me this way already. I have been forgiven, and God has credited Jesus' righteousness to my account. How terribly unworthy I am to receive the grace of God.

This leaves me feeling... speechless.

~ Todd ~


vinedresser said...

Hi Todd.
I am Ft. Myers, Florida with my Mother and she is in rehab. She had knee cap surgery at ninety. She is in really bad condition. Please pray for her and i don't see fruit of salvation. Please pray for me as i believe God directly sent me here to minister at such a time as this. Really it is an open door. God is filling me with his great power that is astonishing work that is transforming lives. My brother in law is having surgery tomorrow for knee surgery replacement he is a seeker i think like show me by what i see in you. Please remember these prayer requests as it is very urgent. Thank you.

S. Todd Young said...

Hi Sue! I am lifting you and your mom and your brother-in-law up in prayer. May you be a bright and shiny mirror pointing them to Jesus Christ!