Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why I Haven't Been Blogging Much Lately

One word. Greek. It is a ton of work. I am two weeks behind before a mid-term next week. I have about 100 vocabulary words to stuff into my head over the next week, and I have to keep the other 550-600 words from falling out. I have to translate 1 John 3:19-5:21 (here in Greek), bone up on my Greek syntax, finish 1 John in Stott's excellent commentary on The Letters of John, and complete two more 20 minute, audio-recorded readings/ translations/ meditations.

I'm tired! I've been working mornings and evenings on Greek, to the neglect of my family (!), and I even dream Greek vocabulary words!

So, I'll post when I can!

~ Todd ~


Mary said...

I can't say I unnderstand what you're going through, but I CAN say I know what Heather is going through! :)

Wes has said that Greek was especially hard for him and that he had a MUCH easier time with Hebrew...which is funny because he thought it would be the opposite. That's not to say he didn't struggle with Hebrew but it wasn't as much as he did with Greek.

We're praying for you, brother!

S. Todd Young said...

Thanks Mary! I appreciate you guys!

Thad Noyes said...

I know I'll be looking forward to more posts once you get through this assignment. Hang in there.

BTW, what prof put you up to this?

S. Todd Young said...

Hey Thad! I have Dr. Plummer, and I'm taking the class online. Since we don't have all the class interaction, he thinks up ways for us to process the text verbally! I really enjoy the class though...