Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unclean Made Clean

Yesterday, as I was studying my Greek vocabulary, my children were "helping" me. I began trying to use some of the Greek words to describe everyday activities, like "get your ποδος (foot) off me!" Or, "raise your χείρ (hand)!" It was just silly.

My son had just finished with his shower, and so I asked, "are you ακαθαρτος (unclean)?" Of course, he didn't understand, but when I explained my question in English, he said, "Yes."

"Yes?" I asked. "Didn't you just take a shower?"

"Oh!" answered Brandon. "I thought you meant unclean because of sin!"

The poor boy doesn't have a chance. He's already pondering theology on a regular basis. Sometimes I'm shocked by how clearly he is like me. He even summarizes, restates, and illustrates things that I teach him. It is something that I have always done--a tool for trying to understand and clarify.

Did I mention that he's seven?

"Heavenly Father, thank you for your mercy and grace in creating a little one who is so much like me. He is made in my image, just like I am made in yours. I only ask that you help me not to pass on the sinful tendencies of my heart. Make the unclean in both of us clean before you through the sacrifice of your Son, our King, Jesus Christ the Righteous!"

~ Todd ~

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Jimmy said...

Wow. Amazing understanding for a 7 year old. You have done a good job. We have a 9 month old (our first), I better get on the ball.