Monday, October 22, 2007

The Depths of Sin

How far would you go to have a baby? Today, a Kansas woman was found guilty for strangling an expectant mother and using a kitchen knife to extract the baby, which she kept for her own. The woman was pretending to be nine months pregnant at the time of the murder, and she even attempted to convince her husband that she had delivered the baby unexpectedly while on a shopping trip.

Do you realize that we are restrained from depravity like this, or even worse, only by God's magnificent grace? We are kidnappers and murderers straining against God's restraining grace.

I am horrified by our sin, both the actual sin that people commit and the potential sin within my heart, and I pray that God will be pleased to move in a massive work of grace on the ever darkening continent of North America.

May God forgive us.



Mary said...

Stories like that just horrify me. When I was doing a blog regarding our adoption journey, I made a post called "Adoption at what cost?" I went into a story about a woman from a message board (that was specifically about Guatemala adoptions) who was so determined to adopt that she was filing for divorce from her husband because he wasn't yet ready. That child would be entering a broken home. On another board, a Christian one devoted to infertility, the administrator gave constant reminders to not worship or idolize motherhood, pregnancy, and/or adoption.

I honestly would rather remain childless than to have our marriage destroyed over the pursuit of a child. It's just not worth it. But it is scary to think that this woman started out where I am...a woman whose heart ached for a child. It's only by God's sovereign grace that He intervenes in my life.

S. Todd Young said...

Thank you for your testimony, sister. We can all glorify God for his grace that keeps us from being as evil as we might otherwise be!