Thursday, July 12, 2007

5 Things I Dig About Jesus

Well, my friend Kara just tagged me to write a list of "5 things I dig about Jesus." Unfortunately, I'm going to have to break the rules, since I don't have many blogging friends, and she already tagged my wife! Here are the rules:
  • list 5 things you dig about Jesus
  • tag 5 other bloggers
  • the 5 other bloggers must post a comment with their name and a link to their list
So, I didn't read Kara's list yet, because I didn't want to copy or be influenced by her answers. Here's my "5 things I dig about Jesus:"
  • Jesus lived life moment by moment, feeling splinters, scraped knees, hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, stress, deadlines, personality conflicts, personnel issues, rejection, condemnation, grief, intense suffering, and death - yet he lived his entire life in a way that is completely foreign to us; he found his every desire fulfilled in his obedience to God...
  • Jesus loved people (Lazarus, the Rich Young Ruler, et. al.), and he loves me so fully that he corrects me, guides me, motivates me, comforts me, and conforms me to his magnificent image...
  • Jesus is a warrior, as I believe he is portrayed in a pre-incarnate form in Joshua 5:13-15; not only is he a warrior, but he is the commander of the army of the LORD of Hosts, the greatest warrior that ever lived...
  • Jesus never gave in to sin; he warred against temptation his entire life, sweating profusely while being tempted to abandon his mission in the garden of Gethsemane, but never yielding, never caving, always finding his supreme joy and fulfillment in pleasing his Heavenly Father...
  • Jesus died to pay for my sin and to give to me all that his life of obedience had earned; he paid my debt and gave me fellowship with God - nothing less than everything do we owe him!
Loving Jesus for who he is and what he has done,


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