Friday, July 10, 2009

Insanity Ensues

According to a recent headline, it appears that man's best friend has taken on a new role. A woman in Ghana has married her dog. Despite the fact that her family boycotted the "wedding," the "priest" warned those in attendance "not to mock the wedding but to 'rejoice with her as she has found happiness at last.'"

Are you kidding me? It is pretty clear to me that our world is out of control, and can you figure out who this priest and this woman are worshiping? They are worshiping individual happiness. It doesn't matter if you what you do is ridiculous in the eyes of your family, or despicable in the eyes of God, if it brings you happiness, you should do it--this is the "good news" that the world is preaching.

I would much rather hear that the ridiculous and despicable desires in my heart are radically offensive to God, and that he cannot stomach even the presence of my sin, but that he loved me anyway and devised a plan that would make his worst enemies his adopted sons! Because Jesus lived a perfect life and died an unjust death, all who depend on his sacrifice get his life credited to their account. God is pleased with us because of Christ.

So, let's don't be confused about the world. I expect men and women who don't know Christ to do incredibly wicked and perverted things, but don't be confused. If we are honest about sin, the gospel really becomes GOOD NEWS!!!!!

~ Todd

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