Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Additional Benefits to Obeying the Law

by Nicholas T
Several months ago I began a concentrated effort to drive the speed limit. When I filled up the tank in my Honda Accord today, I noticed that I had gotten 370 miles out of the last fill-up. Despite the fact that I was almost pushing my car to work because the tank was so empty, I have actually seen a boost in fuel economy from obeying the speed limit. Since slowing down, I have seen my average go from 22 miles per gallon to 24-25 mpg.

These guys, however, have taken the gas mileage-saving game to a whole new level. 133 mpg! Wow. I'm not that interested in turning off my engine while driving, but the results are pretty impressive...

~ Todd ~


Will said...

Hmm. I totally have troube obeying the law on speed limits. I thought that the speed limit was just a suggestion?

S. Todd Young said...

Hi Will! Thanks for reading! I'm not sure if you are serious or not, so I'll assume you are being serious. I think Romans 14 is pretty clear about obedience to the authorities. That's really what changed my mind about speed limits.

And, I guess, logically, if you can get a ticket (or even arrested) for speeding, it can't really be only a suggestion.

You were probably not serious, but you never know what frame of mind your readers are in when they comment!

Thanks again for you comment!


Jimmy said...

Cool post. I don't think I will be turning my engine off and coasting anytime soon, but there is some good advice here.

Also I appreciate the challenge to obey those laws that we view as trivial/optional. Romans 14 doesn't make any distinctions.

I always cringe when I see someone pass by me driving like a maniac with one of the Ichthys (fish) emblems on their car.