Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Wages of ... School

Well, this semester was interesting. I went into the final exams of both my classes not knowing one single grade on any exercise, book review, term paper, or sermon. I had no idea if I would make an A+ or a C-.

Thankfully, my perfectionist tendencies (when it comes to school, at least) seem to have earned good grades. First up, in my Ministry of Proclamation class, I earned an A-. Second, and last, in my Doctrine of Humanity and Sin class, I earned an A. I still don't know how I earned these grades, though. I haven't gotten a single page back from my professors. I'll have to track them down!

Being out of school has caused me to be in front of the computer much less; I still think of things every day to toss up on the blog, but it seems like it just doesn't happen as often. I am reading a great book on being a pastor, and I want to blog some of the highlights. I spent this weekend working on a Christmas gift/project, but I'll have to blog about that later. I met with Dr. Allison yesterday for lunch; hopefully I can share some of that conversation soon, too.

Work seems to have picked up instead of slowing down for the Christmas holidays, so I guess I need to get back at it!

Enjoying the wages of my labor,


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